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HyTech Associates, Inc.

5214 Bonsai Street

Moorpark, CA 93021

(805) 529-5085

Bill Waskowitz

Founder, Executive Vice 
President, "Chairman of the Board"

Bill's microwave experience dates back to his radar technician days in the US Navy. After leaving the Navy, Bill worked for McDonnell Douglas in Santa Monica as Manager of the RF and Microwave Secondary Standards and Calibration Lab. He completed his engineering and business education during this period.


Bill entered the sales business in 1967 with Dynamic Associates, a division of Metric Resources. He engaged in field sales of Microwave Measuring Instruments and covered the north end of the Southern California area.In 1969, Bill helped found Scientific Devices-West. He served as a Director and Sales Manager for Microwave Products. Scientific Devices represented companies like Systron-Donner and TRW/Aertech Industries. Bill had responsibility for microwave sales throughout Southern California and has been active in these accounts for over 30 years.


Bill founded HyTech Associates in 1980 and incorporated in February 1981.



Dave Hall


President and Member of the Board of Directors


Dave joined HyTech in 1983. His microwave experience began in 1969 as a Product Line Manager for the Waveguide Products of Systron-Donner (previously DeMornay Bernardi). His responsibilities included the selling of Waveguide products, the development of their Component Catalog, managing the national and international rep organizations, the development of new products, and all other marketing responsibilities. From 1971 to 1977, Dave also served as Product Line Manager for the Spectrum Analyzer, Sweepers and Microwave Subsystems for Systron-Donner.


By directing all of Systron-Donner Microwave product lines, Dave developed hands-on experience with simple waveguide passive components to sophisticated microprocessor based instrumentation to complex Thick and Thin film Microwave Subsystems. From 1978 to 1980, he helped develop Systron-Donner Microwave. From 1980 to 1983, Dave served as the Systron-Donner Microwave Director of Marketing where he sold subsystems into major programs at Hughes, General Electric, Emerson, ITT, Loral, Westinghouse and the US Navy.  For the period of 1977 to 1978, he was part of the Scientific Devices-West sales staff.


Todd Cates

General Manager of "HASCO" Components, Chief Operations Officer and Member of the Board of Directors

In 1999, Todd joined the HyTech Associates sales team as General Manager of HASCO Components (HyTech Associates Sales Company, Inc. Components Distribution) and Business Administrator for HyTech Associates, Inc. His distribution management duties include developing and increasing components sales and the customer base for Southern California & Asian markets. As business administrator, he is responsible for coordinating and overseeing all aspects of HyTech Associates activities such as finances, procurement, accounting, and human resources.

Todd began his career in Management and Sales in 1993. As a General Manager, Todd was responsible for Sales and Operations for companies located in the Santa Barbara county area. After five years in General Management, Todd moved into Sales and Distribution and began working for Preferabell Sales and Distribution based out of Santa Ana. As Assistant Director of Sales and Operations, Todd supported the sales and distribution of products on a national basis.

Alan J. Collazo


Field Sales Representative

covering Orange, LA, and San Bernardino Counties


Alan joined HyTech Associates, Inc. in 2014 as the newest sales team member. He brings experience in manufacturing, distribution and brand marketing. Alan has a technical broad view of technology from basic chip and wire to networking and systems integration.


Alan's background is in electronics with several sales and technical courses aimed at the RF and microwave industry including training by Besser Associates.


Working alongside Bill Waskowitz, Alan will be servicing customers in the North Orange County, South Bay and Los Angeles Territories.


David Fealkoff

Field Sales Representative covering Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties


David has over 35 years of high tech sales and business development experience with 20 years in the aerospace and defense business.  After receiving a BS in Physics from the University of Michigan and MSEE from Stanford University David went to work for Watkins-Johnson Company in the microwave components division.  

Initially working as a project and development engineer in the VCO group at WJ David eventually accepted a position as an application engineer in international sales where he was involved in the sales of the full range of WJ products. His next stop was Magnum Microwave where he was co-founder and VP of Marketing and Sales leading sales efforts of Magnum’s component and subsystem products.  He has been working predominantly in sales ever since and has been involved in sales of a wide range of microwave products including most components, subsystems, and test equipment.

David joined Hytech Associates in April of 2018 where he has territorial responsibility for northern LA county, Ventura county, and Santa Barbara county.  He also covers military bases north of Los Angeles.

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